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Why we invested in Ordio

Gregor Pilz & David Keuenhof

Basically, it all started with Sushi. Yes, the food. Back in 2009, David Keuenhof himself built a solution for the sushi restaurant Sushi Ninja to organize more than 125 employees daily, which provided the base for a beautiful story around Ordio. His challenge: He was in search of a suitable solution to efficiently handle everyday processes in a company with predominantly flexible employees. Little by little, David developed small software tools that helped his sushi restaurant optimize its daily processes further. Be it the coordinated ordering of goods, the digital timesheet, the communication with the tax advisor or even task management and checklists for the employees.

Deskless Worker OS for small and mid-sized businesses with real-time insights

Jump to 2021. Back then , Ordio was founded by well-known colleagues David Keuenhof and Gregor Pilz, who have launched ventures together in the past. Jörg Binnenbrücker, Managing Partner of Capnamic and a founding supporter of Ordio, empowered and trusted them with bringing their idea to life having known both for a decade.

“As investors we are thrilled to be part of – and support – a truly transforming solution which will make organizing and managing staff in the most excellent and efficient ways possible for many businesses. This technology will not only improve efficiency of companies, but also improve the life of the working force, gaining more control and flexibility regarding their hours”, says Jörg Binnenbrücker of Capnamic. 

56% of all shift workers are unhappy – Ordio is here to revolutionize this

80% of the worldwide workforce works in deskless jobs equaling around 2.7 billion people. 60% of these deskless workers are unhappy with the given tech they’re working with, citing it as slow, inefficient, and non-intuitive, emphasizing this market's potential.

Boom, do you see the problem here? 56% of all shift workers are unhappy with their schedules stressing the need Ordio addresses at first. But the vision goes beyond that: shift planning is only the initial starting point since additional features such as digital personnel files, preparatory payroll accounting, time recording and absence management as well as checklists for task management are already in place – all with real-time data. From day one the company signed customers from different industries (e.g. Hospitality, Logistics, Leisure, and Healthcare). Whether your company has ten employees or 500+, managing flexible employees across multiple locations takes less than 30 minutes a week – Ordio.

Employee-centricity instead of admin-centricity

Ordio's product has been beautifully designed to be fully accessible to the Deskless Worker. Ordio forges itself into the everyday life of every employee. This enablement leads to strong stickiness and high data quality, which in turn enables the admin to make informed statements without any hassle.

Why we invested in Ordio?

Ordio has already organized thousands of employees with their interface in 2022 – but the most impressive  fact  is the high daily usage rate. Approimately. 85% of all users are  active daily. Although initially targeting industries where the pressure is highest, such as in the hospitality  or leisure sector, there are no limits to the market in terms of size development. The deskless workforce are highly underserved with useful technology – independent of the initial industries. Ordio aligns flawlessly with the daily workflow of a blue-collar worker while keeping the administration updated in real-time. 

The founding team reflects a strong founder market fit, grit and growth mindset while being humble in every situation. While there are already solutions for enterprises, there is a huge underserved market potential for small and mid-sized companies. The founder-market fit coupled with a huge market potential due to the industry-agnostic product provides an exceptionally strong foundation for Ordio's scaling phase. 

The journey has just begun and we at Capnamic are delighted to join this team and support them in the much-needed and long overdue reshaping of the deskless worker market. We cannot wait to see the sustainable impact on industries and enterprises in terms of efficiency as well as the positive effect on the employees themselves guaranteeing them more control and freedom.

Want to know more about Ordio, check them out here.

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