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We invest in tech made in Germany and support it on its way into the world.

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Supporting the early stage

We back aspiring entrepreneurs as they embark on their journeys. No matter if it’s pre-product, MVP stage or first revenues: we’re the early-stage venture capital firm that provides not just financial backing but the network, experience and guidance to turn outstanding teams into category leaders.

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The ones with the big ideas

Invested in 2018 (Series A)

Userlane is a navigation system for software, allowing users to immediately and fully operate any software application without prior knowledge. Userlane’s interactive guides steer people through processes in software applications and provide step-by-step on-screen assistance by showing users how to accomplish tasks in real time. As of today, more than 28 million users in companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Commerzbank, Debeka or Personio have been trained by Userlane.

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Invested in 2015 (Series A)

Staffbase provides an internal communications platform to unite companies and their employees behind a common purpose. The Staffbase platform can be used via branded app, desktop browser, email or chat, with the goal of establishing a community and shared purpose at work. Since its launch in Chemnitz, Germany, in 2014, Staffbase has become the global leader for digital employee communication, with more than 1,000 customers and over 2 million employees reached worldwide.

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Invested in 2019 (Series A)

parcelLab is the globally leading Operations Experience Management platform, closing the experience gap post-sales and beyond, transforming operational complexity into opportunities to outperform. Their branded communications give businesses over 30 million new opportunities to connect with their customers, every single day. Among parcelLab’s more than 500 customers are global brands such as IKEA, Bose, Puma, Farfetch and Nespresso. 

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Invested in 2015 (Series A)

Getsafe is a digital insurance company which creates an easy, flexible and enjoyable insurance experience for everyone. Getsafe replaces complexity and manual paperwork with smart bots and automation, allowing customers to file claims or change their coverage in real time with just a few clicks. Founded in 2015 by Christian Wiens (CEO) and Marious Blaesing (CTO), Getsafe currently has more than 400,000 highly satisfied customers.

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Invested in 2020 (Series A)

Capmo enables construction and real estate professionals to finish construction projects on time and on budget. The company’s intuitive Construction Site OS replaces pen, paper and manual processes through digital workflows and smart construction analytics. Capmo accompanied over 10,000 projects across Europe and is used by smaller offices as well as by major construction firms such as Arcadis and Max Bögl.

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Invested in 2022 (Pre Seed)

QuantPi, the state-of-the-art platform for Explainable AI, with its technology's holistic approach is set out to make AI safer and more understandable to the different stakeholders in society, research and business.

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We invest before teams turn into companies


Whenever we’re convinced about a young team and idea, we’re ready to invest – whether the product and revenues are already in place or not. The sooner we jump on board, the better we can support you in bringing your ideas and ambitions to life.

Series A

We have a strong background in working with B2B and SaaS champions, but our curiosity is not limited to individual sectors or industries. If we believe that you’ve built a great foundation upon which to change an industry, then let's talk.


We keep supporting our founders every step of the way - with our passion and support as well as our capital. That’s why we reserve parts of our funds for follow-on rounds of our initial investments to make sure you keep growing while we stay by your side.

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