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Capnamic Open: Out of the hamster wheel onto the green

12 years ago, co-founder and managing partner of Capnamic Jörg Binnenbrücker had the idea to take people from our network out of their offices and put them on a golf course – to connect. With this idea of bringing people together a tradition was born, and business and new bonds were now happening on the green.

12 years later it’s not just a golf tournament, it’s become Capnamic Open and is one of our most anticipated events of the year – aside from Capnamic Day.

But hey, this (post and event) is not really about golf.

Described as a ”picture-perfect networking event“ from a guest this year, we want to break down why the event is so special to us – and why we are inviting our guests back every year. With Capnamic Open we have been curating an event where people meet who typically would not ever cross paths. An endearing mix of guests (and therefore, possibilities, ideas and visions) that take networking – and later business – to new heights. We truly get a kick out of paving and shaping the way for inspiring new crossovers, that may start off on the golf course, but transform into amazing business endeavors later. That is what Capnamic Open is about: Thinking, hosting, and networking outside the box, uhm, excuse us, the office.  

We host with the intention and goal that every single guest gets the most benefit out Capnamic Open. For example, when it comes to flight partners: they are handpicked and matched by Jörg personally. With Capnamic Open we want to bring people together to make purposeful connections for their work, their team, and their companies. We are thriving to being the catalyst, the mover and shaker, the empowering common denominator for our ever-growing network creating an unmatched value for everyone attending.

Thank you to our 176 wonderful guests – it was our utmost pleasure to host you.

A tremendous thank you to our dear sponsors. We are honored that you decided to partner with us for Capnamic Open 2023: Phillips & Byrne, Axa, Roedl & Partner, Carlsquare, Luther, Siegfried, and Productions.

Thank you to Zafiro Hotel Andratx, Golf de Andratx, Maria 5 Beach, Campino, and Attraction Catamarans for being the beautiful backdrop of our event.

We are excited for the 13th edition of Capnamic Open. See you next year.

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