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Capnamic welcomes Markus Merz as new Investment Analyst

Markus Merz is one part of the latest dream team to start at Capnamic as an Investment Analyst. He's been around the block – also in the Capnamic-Verse – and we are delighted to welcome him full time. Markus is based in our Cologne office and we couldn't resist doing a Q&A with him.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you have been up to before joining Capnamic? 
I have now been working at Capnamic for 1.5 years in the finance department and have been able to learn all sorts of things about our fund and portfolios. Before joining Capnamic, I was lucky enough to learn at LeanIX (Capnamic Fund I Portfolio) how a successful B2B SaaS company operates. Also, together with friends, I founded the RHIVE conference in 2019, which serves to promote the start-up scene in the Rhineland and still exists today.

2. Your best tipp for entering the VC world?
Gain experience in a startup that matches the basic industry focus for your desired VC.

3. What will you be up to at Capnamic? Tell us a bit of your role and what you are most excited about?
I am starting as an investment analyst. I am most looking forward to interacting with founding teams in the earliest stages, especially in person. Whether seed, pre-seed or earlier, it’s always a pleasure to discuss ambitious goals and ideas.

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Email him here:
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