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VIDEO: Why we believe in Tanso

A few weeks ago, on the morning after the closing dinner with Tanso, Managing Partner Christian Knott of Capnamic and Tanso’s Co-Founder and CPO Gyri Reiersen meet again. As we know, closing dinners can get past midnight, but Christian and Gyri are on time, in high spirits, and ready to talk. We are in our Munich Office ready to record our first investment rational as a video-format.

Part I focuses on a short introduction, what sparked the interest in Tanso from Capnamic's side, and more.
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Part II focuses on how Gyri met her co-funders, how they plan to tackle the market, what Tanso does differently, and more. 
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Part III is dedicated on what's next for Tanso, and famous last words of Gyri and Christian.
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Sounds great? Intrigued by Tanso's vision? Connect with Gyri here and check out tanso.io for more.

You are loving the videos? Guess what, they were all created with our portfolio company cofenster.

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