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35up: Why we invested in 35up’s unique cross-selling solution

35up Founder Team Left to Right: Klaus, Bernhard, Fabian and Victor

Shoppers going back and forth across multiple online websites, merchants with skyrocketing CACs, high pressure on margins and yet not enough revenue — these are the challenges of vendors, online merchants and shoppers in today’s e-commerce environment.

The solution is Embedded Cross-selling and with 35up’s “Add to cart” it just got better.

35up has built an embedded cross-selling platform with a headless API that can be easily integrated into the merchants’ online checkout process.

And how does it work? From the existing products in the shopper’s basket, the platform integration generates complimentary product recommendations. These products are directly recommended from vendor product catalogues, instantly increasing the portfolio of products available to the shopper on the merchant platform.

A triple win situation: More product variety, no inventory costs, and bigger basket sizes. Et voilà, vendors have a direct revenue increase through a new sales channel, shoppers get an instantly satisfying shopping experience, while merchants make more profitable revenue.

Higher profitable revenue by mastering riskless cross-selling

Amazon has reported that 35% of its revenue comes from cross-selling. Cross-selling makes overall product offerings complete and positively impacts customer loyalty. But most online merchants are asking,

‘How do I optimise and automate cross-selling with a profitable contribution margin?’

The genius behind 35up’s solution is giving access to the vendor catalogue allowing merchants the opportunity to have no inventory costs as the products are shipped directly from the vendor itself — ideal for smaller e-commerce merchants. With an easy integration effort and quick ramp up time, merchants can start increasing their basket sizes from day one generating more revenues.

Most merchants are already pushing their own vendors to integrate with 35up, so they can have a central vendor network for all their products rather than dealing with many vendors in silos. Here is where the flywheel effects are kicking in, as vendors are now also seeing the advantage of having larger access to several merchants with one connected API.

35up Founding Team

We are impressed by the combination of energy, experience and ambition that the team brings to the table.

With their previous company, Klaus and Fabian learned how to build and scale an organisation and have learned to go to the market with an innovative product. While Klaus is omnipresent in the market, a well bespoken and connected salesperson, Fabian is the product and organisational mastermind pulling the strings together. Their long term companion, Victor, combines business sense with the ability to translate that into code while applying an open minded approach in encouraging his teams to work with state of the art tech. Bernhard, finally puts more glue to sales structure with his experience in building sales organisations.

35up Edge: Connected Vendor Network

By creating a connected vendor network, 35up has managed to become distinctive among existing solutions.

Learning from their previous startup Caseable GmbH, they recognized the potential for cross-selling could only be leveraged with immediate increase in revenue by having a further reach to vendors.

Their unique product-led approach and stellar team is the reason why we invested EUR 5mn in 35up, together with existing investors Coparion, DvH and existing angels. We are excited to further work with the experienced founding team and support them on their accelerating journey forward.

With existing customers already generating additional revenue through 35up, we are looking forward to the acceleration of large untapped potential through the integrated vendor and merchant network taking online shopping to a whole new level.

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