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Becoming the category leader in Outcome Management | Why we invested in Workpath

As a Venture Capital fund, which works closely with many large corporates as its Limited Partners to understand and help master their key strategic issues, we know two things for sure: first, that the challenges resulting from digital- and agile transformations are extreme. Second, that the supportive power of software to overcome these challenges can not be overstated.

That’s why we’re investing in Munich-based SaaS company Workpath which is building a holistic software platform for strategy execution, enabling large organizations to become more successful and outcome-focused.

Why is software such as the one from Workpath needed?

Even shorter innovation cycles, steadily increasing customer expectations and more and more volatile markets have become the new norm. This hyper-dynamic environment poses high risks to large corporations which still too often operate in traditional, organizational structures, making them slow and rigid. And the challenges don’t stop there: mega trends such as the New Work movement and changed demands by employees increase the pressure on organizations to implement more flexible/fluid, decentralized and empowering ways-of-working. Against this background, effective strategy communication and execution as well as ensuring high alignment and empowerment has become even more difficult.

The solution

Workpath helps organizations to master this fundamental change. The platform enables faster and more adaptable strategy execution by letting users define desired business outcomes and manage resources detached from traditional organizational structures, whilst ensuring a high degree of transparency and alignment across all teams, also as a basis to identify potential obstacles or synergies. By fostering the adoption of agile methodologies, such as OKRs, Workpath helps shorten review cycles and time to market.

That such a solution is in high demand can especially be seen by the rapid adoption of Workpath by large enterprises such as SAP, Bosch, Metro or e.on.

The founder & team

Workpath CEO Johannes Müller

We’ve been following the CEO & Co-Founder Johannes for years (and actually over various funds/VCs), having witnessed his journey from tech company to VC to founding his own startup. In this time, he has not only seen the process of building a company from various perspectives but also gathered an impressive network of advisors with names such as LeanIX co-founders Jörg Beyer and André Christ as well as Google Cloud exec Rainer Schröder.

From our first meeting on, we’ve also been absolutely stunned by the team which has shown an outstanding level of execution power — especially considering the stage of the company. Bottom line: We feel like we see a category leader in the making and this is always an absolutely beautiful observation.

Last but not least, we’re thrilled to again join forces with our longtime friends from Iris Capital who have been at our side since our very first days. With Workpath, we’re having another chance to build on our joint SaaS successes such as Staffbase and LeanIX. Let’s go!

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