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New team addition: Head of Communication & Marketing

Teresa Mayer, Head of Communication & Marketing | Credit: Manuela Pickart

We’re excited to kick off the second half of the year with a new team member and welcome Teresa Mayer as our Head of Communication & Marketing at Capnamic. Teresa started her career in the field of journalism at Burda before embarking on a journey at Westwing for the last almost nine years where she was responsible for marketing, social media and creating content. Read our Q&A with Teresa!

For almost nine years Westwing was your "home“. Now you are moving into Venture Capital. What inspired you to switch industries?

Teresa: I was craving a new challenge without compromising my passion, skillset and expertise. I am a big believer in change being a good thing and I was ready to leave my comfort zone for the perfect match which I happily found in Capnamic. After getting to know the company and meeting all the talents there it just felt right and exciting.

Your previous jobs and tasks had a strong focus on content, marketing and social media. How will you profit from this in your new role? 

Teresa: Content Marketing in the VC world is such a bright and promising field with so many beautiful opportunities because there are so many stories to tell. At Westwing and also during my experience in print journalism I learned to create valuable content pieces including the distribution as well as the exploration of new channels. At Westwing I was instilled with the aspiration of never being afraid to try new things, and the mindset of „there is always a way“ which I am convinced will be beneficial to my new tasks as well.

What will you be up to at Capnamic? Tell us a bit of your role and scope of work.

Teresa: I couldn’t be more thrilled working on cultivating the reputation and awareness of Capnamic further in the VC world and beyond; elevating our blog with content, creating newsletters and pieces for social media. Furthermore I am very much looking forward to working with inspiring founders and supporting them.

Want to get in touch with Teresa? You can find her here:


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