From founder to VC: Capnamic Ventures welcomes tech founder Sascha Kaddatz onto Investment Team

1. March 2017

Capnamic Ventures is announcing the expansion of their investment team today. The new addition comes in the form of a highly experienced tech founder, Sascha Kaddatz, who will be strengthening the Early Stage Tech VC as an investment manager, starting immediately.

Sascha Kaddatz and the Capnamic team have a long history together. Kaddatz led the startup Northworks from its foundation to a successful exit in 2010, with the support and financial backing of the current Capnamic managing partner Jörg Binnenbrücker, among others. Most recently, Kaddatz was the founder and MD of ermly GmbH, an SaaS startup for the HR industry.

“In Sascha we are gaining a team member who embodies the core capabilities of Capnamic: founding experience and technological know-how. We have already worked extensively and productively with Sascha during his time as a founder in the gaming and software industry. We are excited to continue this collaboration with him as our colleague,” added Jörg Binnenbrücker.

The team profile at Capnamic Ventures testifies to the fact that the venture capital firm is focussing on tech not only in its investments, but also in its hiring processes, in order to further solidify its position as one of the leading tech investors in Germany. Kaddatz will support the Capnamic team in identifying new technologies, markets and founding teams. He will also support the continuing development of the portfolio.

“I am looking forward to working for Capnamic. In my early years as a founder, I got to know members of todays Capnamic team as investors who work on the level with their portfolio companies, actively and sincerely supporting founders with the day-to-day development of their businesses. I am excited to take on this role for other tech startups and pass on my experience as a founder,” adds Sascha Kaddatz, looking towards his future with Capnamic.

One of the first tech exits in 2017:
Virtual Minds AG acquires majority stake in The ADEX

25. January 2017

Virtual Minds, a German media and technology holding, announced today the major stakes’ acquisition of The ADEX, one of Germany’s leading specialists in data-management solutions.
Alongside the existing investors of Capnamic Ventures and the Covus group, Virtual Minds created one of the first technology exits in 2017 and made a mark for the potential of investments in the field of technology in Germany.

“We are thankful that we have been a part of the success story of The ADEX from day one until now. The company’s success shows us that there is a chance to bring data-driven business models to real success stories,” says Covus-founder, Sven Lubek.
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Capnamic Ventures and Episode 1 backs FATMAP to navigate path to growth

19. July 2016

FATMAP, the ground-breaking 3D mobile mapping platform, winner of the Best Startup at EXA Conference and Login. lt has raised an institutional round of £1.9million led by the London based Venture Capital firm Episode 1 and German tech-VC fund Capnamic Ventures, which with an angel round earlier this year gives the company new funding of £2.75milliion.

FATMAP is considered by many to be the world’s most advanced 3D mapping platform. With most people still using old methods such as contour maps and guide books, FATMAP displays real-world terrain data and provides integrated ‘guidebook’ content straight to your mobile device, presenting it in an impressive virtual reality 3D environment that is like being there in real life.
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